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Make Semiannual INSS Prevention Program Evaluation

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25 community nurses program of preventive medicine at the Department of Preventive Services INSS, conducted the biannual assessment of this year, with the aim of assessing progress, efficiency and effectiveness, as well as feedback and provide them with more tools in the program performance and compliance goals.


Elsa Castellón, community nurse Delegation INSS, Carlos Fonseca Amador, Matagalpa, expressed enthusiasm when one of the nurses with better reflected performance in the semi-annual assessment, with 92% of visits to workplaces, ¨ Thanks to this preventive program and the preparation that gives us nurses have been able to identify cases of illness that even the wise patient who had and that this teamwork that saving lives is and not get to the hospital with a disease which we have no cure, but we address us time to have a healthier life and healthy


The companion Fatima Salgado, head of Department of Community Nurses Program preventive medicine the INSS, he said that through the program works with human and technical quality in seeking to promote preventive health and prevent more deaths from chronic diseases and cancer among others.


Among the results achieved are highlighted visiting 12,459, workplaces, of these 65% were private companies, 2,343 prevention talks benefiting nearly 44,000 workers in all prevention issues were given.


Through the program I capture to 2,181, chronic diabetic and hypertensive workers and 968 pregnant and 56 of which showed signs of alarm, which were referred to their pension medical clinic for care.


Salgado, stressed that to date have been formed 165 health clubs in the workplace, made up of chronic patients and pregnant women.


Other results obtained in this first half, early detection in cancer, was carrying a total 15,403, clinical breast exams, and of these 1,104 insured were found with some kind of alternation and referred for care and monitoring.


Likewise, 6,101 were issued, reference to take your Pap, insured women who for various reasons are not what they had done and early detection can save your life.


29.282 shots were conducted blood pressure, 1.161 workers identifying high pressure results which were referred, a total of 4.420 fasting glucose were performed by detecting altered 491 secured with results being referred to their respective focus.


In the preventive medicine program, it is also included body mass index making 17.798 BMI policyholders resulting 34% in men and 39% of women are overweight and 13% on gender equality in obesity extreme.


As for the identification of risk factors for thyroid cancer, 21.359, physicals neck, where 380 were referred to their respective assessment and in the case of men older than 45 years were made became the reference for evaluation PSA 918, which were collected in talks prostates.


Thus the government of reconciliation and national unity through the INSS, promotes preventive medicine program to improve the quality of life of workers in the prevention of complications in the workplace.

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