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What is the SIS and the electronic record?

Strategic Plan - CISSCAD

Manage and administer swiftly all health services provided by the institution in all its executing units nationwide, through the implementation of a technological solution and process standardization in order to provide better service to our reason be insured and beneficiaries of the Social Security Fund.


What is the purpose of the implementation of SIS?


The SIS is a System Health Information that interconnects with the different areas of a hospital, polyclinic, ULAPS and / or CAPPS to generate a single medical record, which can be accessed from any Executive Unit of the Social Security Fund at the national level.


The SIS aims to facilitate the availability of information of all patients and simplify both medical and administrative internal processes to provide better service. The project objectives are:


• Improve the quality and efficiency of care processes, seeking synergies and optimizing resources.


• Manage health activity jointly throughout the organization.


• Integrate the management of healthcare processes with economic, logistical and human resources areas.


• Provide professional and administrative support their daily work with the creation of a workstation that allows them to get the information you need, when you need it, depending on their profile and regardless of the device used.


• Provide the CSS of a tool-making, the Balanced Scorecard, reliable information in real time, ad-hoc reports and access to management indicators that allow, among other things, monitoring of clinical processes.


• Have a hardware platform, robust, secure and scalable software that allows the organization to evolve and grow and adapt to the needs of the sector, both in legal terms, as in the patient orientation.


• Establish a quick and automated communication with other applications of the corporate environment and facilitate integration with external.

XXXVIII Ordinary Meeting

May 15th to 17th, 2017

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