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207 Patient Care In National Census of Preventive Health in Natá

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Seizing the number of people in remote areas participating in the religious festival of San Juan de Dios, patron of the poor, a special health day in this historic city, for patients over forty years, which is organized developed by the president of the Republic, in coordination with the Social Security Fund and the Health ministry.


In the previous census of Nata, 20% of the population was covered, leaving 80% to capture. This was an opportunity where he participated in a large volume of people to increase that percentage and improve those numbers as far as the census is concerned, Valarini said Julio Garcia, coordinator of the national census preventive health.


He added that the numbers in Cocle are impressive, with more than seven thousand inhabitants registered with the following statistics: 35% with hypertension, 12% diabetes mellitus, 20% were obese, 35% dyslipidemia (cholesterol and triglycerides), 19% of failure chronic renal, giving an alert to the health system, which will have to plan and take steps to reach those affected.


"In the last census Olá, we added more than three hundred new cases suffering from kidney problems; which make the province a total of 170 thousand and still missing 90% of the population census, "said Garcia Valarini.


President Juan Carlos Varela, expressed his satisfaction for the good organization of the multidisciplinary team CSS-MINSA, activity in the hall of the Industrial Union of Food and Allied Packaging and (Fortino).


This work was supported entirely by polyclinics of the Social Security Fund of Nata and Aguadulce, in addition to the complete primary health care, first aid to people who attended the event were provided Christian.

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