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IHSS Inaugurates First Stage of the

Modernization and Equipment

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The Executive Director of the Honduran Institute of Social Security, Dr. Mario Roberto Zelaya opened the first stage of modernization and equipment of IHSS, by which will be provided to hospitals Social Security the most advanced biomedical technology for accurate diagnosis and timely which will provide adequate medical treatment rightholders.


The opening ceremony was also attended by Dr. Mario Zelaya, the National Medical Director, Dr. Hugo Rodríguez; Managing Specialist Hospital, Dr. Lisandro Ponce; Dr. Karin Clare, Manager of Radiology and Imaging.; Dr. Elio Sierra, Medical Director of the Hospital of Specialties; in addition to the medical and administrative staff.


The tomograph which opened, produces images up to 128 cuts and are part of the more than 400 medical equipment to be purchased, including: magnetic resonance, angiography, mammography, laparoscope, C-arm (or lithotripter), densitometer, ultrasound, echocardiographs, X-rays, anesthesia machines, vital signs monitor, infusion pumps, electric fans, electric beds, neonatal incubators, warmers, steam sterilizers, fetal monitors, surgical tables, and colposcope arthroscope, among others.


This team has come to strengthen and modernize services of Radiology and Imaging, Emergency, Intensive Care, Pediatrics, Medicine Living Men and Women, orthopedics, neurosurgery, Surgical Circuit, Gynecology, Pathology, Labor and Delivery, among others.


Dr. Zelaya said that "the provision of modern and advanced medical equipment is to not only improve service to beneficiaries if IHSS allows modernize and transform it into an institution at the forefront, thanks to the technology of these new equipment."

He added that with the Modernization and Equipment of IHSS accurate diagnosis at the right time and less time waiting for conducting tests to patients is ensuring uninterrupted access to the most modern service in Central America.

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