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Lic. Carlos Contreras becomes president of the IGSS

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Mr. Carlos Contreras, in regular meeting of Board of Social Security, took over as Chairman of the Board of IGSS. Also the lawyer Luis Enrique Rodriguez, has served as deputy of the Chair of Social Security.


The president, Otto Perez Molina, on June 4th, swore both officials. The new members of Board of IGSS will serve as representatives of the Executive Agency for a period of six years.


Mr. Carlos Contreras, President of the Board of IGSS, said that one of his first actions will be to conduct an audit in order to monitor the contracts made by the IGSS and transparency efforts. He also said he´s fully committed to the development of the Guatemala’s Social Security and to provide better services to the members.



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XXXIX Ordinary Meeting

May 05th to 06th, 2018

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