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Dr. Cea : " Every official has only one obligation: to deliver for the population "

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This morning, the CEO, Dr. Ricardo Cea Rouanet, participated in the "Talking" program on Radio Maya Vision 106.9, to publicize information of interest of the insured population.


Dr. Cea spoke of institutional efforts to improve the quality and warmth of ISSS services for which an investment of $ 220 million in infrastructure and medical equipment for the five projects. He said that in two years has invested about $ 21.8 million in medical equipment to improve patient care.


He said that this work is already perceived by the population. "They realize that the works themselves are doing. We are fulfilling our patients, "he said. For the director, these advances in investment are the result of good financial management." The money has been used to provide better service to our users, better medicines, infrastructure and equipment, "he said.


He referred to the upcoming projects, such as enabling pediatric emergency clinic is expected to start this year and a modern hospital in San Miguel to provide, for the first time, good attention to the successors of the eastern part of the country.


He also noted that no use having the best infrastructure or medical equipment if patient care is poor in this regard reported that it is already working on changing this practice through initiatives such as the "Quality Committees on Health and Safety patient "(CODECAS), which will be installed in 22 care centers. These committees shall be composed of staff ISSS and citizenship; and evaluate cases of abuse by providing recommendations to improve service quality.


Moreover, he referred to the effective date of the extension of the maternity leave and said he is already covered by Social Security and satisfaction for the institution by the impact on the welfare of the mother and newborn born.


He emphasized that as a health entity, the ISSS is not only to heal, but also to prevent from primary health care in promoting the population prevent disease and avoid risks.

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