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Depression and anxiety are major causes of mental health consultation in ISSS

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With the slogan "Dignity in Mental Health", officials of the Salvadoran Social Security Institute (ISSS) inaugurated the Week of Mental Health, which includes the development of activities on October 5th and 9th 2015, in the 11 centers that have with the Mental Health program.


The event was presided by the delegate health director, Dr. Benjamin Coello who distinguished the importance of promoting good mental habits and support the institution is providing various programs to reduce the leading causes of consultation.


The aim of these events is to alert the general public about how to cultivate good mental health in all areas, and avoid falling into depressive moods like anxiety, addictions, violence, depression, among others.


The World Mental Health Day is celebrated every October 10 with the aim of raising awareness among the population about mental health problems, as well as prevention and treatment.


"The most prevalent mental health illness is, depression, being the second leading cause of disability worldwide, complicating the health of many people", stressed the Head of the Department of Psychiatry at ISSS, Dra. Ana Cecilia Cardoza.


From January to August 2015, Social Security reports 27.758 brindadas care in areas of Mental Health at the national level, the most frequent pathologies anxiety disorder, depression and violence, conditions that mostly are triggered by factors of family type, economic and social.


During the same period, have carried out actions of promotion and prevention as lectures, workshops and conferences making a total of 3,324 and as a result, the program enrolled 3,216 beneficiaries mental health.


The institution serves mental health problems for more than 40 years, being the Policlinico hospital Arce, the first reference medical center has inpatient services and outpatient.


Among other services provided are individual therapy with a psychiatrist and psychologist, group therapy to overcome addictions, domestic violence groups, relaxation, bereavement support caregivers, administration of psychotropic drugs and promoting mental health.


"Depression can be treated and cured, today we have very good drugs, but treatment must be comprehensive and accompanied by psychotherapy," said the specialist.


Nowadays it has 11 multidisciplinary mental health teams distributed in Santa Ana, Sonsonate, Santa Tecla, Unit September 15, San Jacinto, Zacamil, Atlacatl, Apopa, Ilopango, Soyapango and San Miguel.


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