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IHSS authorities delivered biomedical equipment to the Hospital "Israel Salinas".

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San Pedro Sula, January 11: Under the project "Modernization and Equipment of Hospitals IHSS" officials of the institution conducted, the first delivery of modern biomedical equipment, the Northern Regional Hospital which is Israel Salinas to raise the quality and level of care beneficiaries and beneficiaries receive in the hospital.


The delivery process was made by the project manager Dr. Lisandro Ponce, who accompanied by Executive Deputy Attorney Hector Hernandez, Board members and labor leaders Luis Mayorga, and Armando Villatoro testified what happened. He acted as a witness of honor the Regional Director of the National Association of Industrialists ANDI, engineer Daniel Aguilar.


By the Regional Hospital "Israel Salinas" received the biomedical equipment attorney Dennis Gallardo, who was accompanied by the Medical Director Dr. William Castro and different managers care areas.


The equipment in question is made up of 13 fans volume model ENGSTRON, two mobile X-ray equipment model AMXA 4. It is necessary to add two microscopes for model CX-31 pathology pressure and two systems for video endoscopy High Definition model EXERA 180.


For the area of Gynecology Fetal Dopler five JDP-100A model Seal JUMPER, electrocautery model SS-100 MC, five electric beds D405 model Brand HILL-ROM were received. eject two tables RDT-700 model, deliveries of REXMED also delivered.


This first batch complement OPTIMA infusion pumps 38 MS SP, FRESENIUS, 15 monitors fetal BSM model TR-LIFE SCOPE 6301K and two general purpose ultrasound aplio MX design.


As established in the Law of IHSS, this equipment is received by the Central Warehouse, inventoried by National Property and then transferred to the corresponding areas, including Intensive Care Unit, Room Labor and Delivery, Radiology and Imaging, Operating Room , gynecology and endoscopy.


Distributor Metropolitana S.A. DIMESA, is the company responsible for the acquisition, repair and maintenance of medical equipment mentioned, so that’s how the operation thereof is guaranteed, falling behind the expiry of guarantees, or disabling of equipment for lack of spare parts or skilled labor for the respective maintenance.


As proposed IHSS Executive Director, Dr. Mario Zelaya, the year 2012 marks the transformation of hospitals and the Institute of Social Security in general, this is for the benefit of those who with their work contribute to the enlargement of Honduras.

By Kattia Danilov.


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