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118,000 persons entitled will have new Medical Unit

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"One of the priorities of Social Security is improving infrastructure at national level", so he said the CEO of the ISSS, Ricardo Cea Rouanet, this morning, during supervision of construction work of the new Medical Unit Apopa will benefit more than 118,000 beneficiaries in the northern part of the country.


The general director of the ISSS accompanied by the Vice President, Lic. Oscar Ortiz, noted the progress of construction of infrastructure that will house health services that autonomous provides 91 communities in the municipalities of Apopa Quezaltepeque, Nejapa and Aguilares . According to the builder, progress is currently 20%, considers the actions in dirt, foundations, block walls, walls, columns, mezzanine slab, foundations, beams, walls and roof slab of the cistern.


The construction takes place in an area of 7,974.29 square meters where worked the old medical facility, at a cost of $ 12.8 million for the retrofitting and equipping 51 clinics 13 emergency and 38 for outpatient adult and children from the center of secondary care.


area X-ray, clinical laboratory, physical medicine and rehabilitation, clinical records, pharmacy, cafe, general store, warehouse, maintenance area, laundry, sterilization, sanitation and multipurpose room will also be built.


The number of direct jobs in the labour is 297 and 208 indirect jobs.


As for the building equipment procurement processes in the coming months will begin.


Currently, the focus has moved its services to a provisional property not wanting to upset patients while construction work is going to be completed in October 2016 develop.


The temporary facilities operating in the 6th. 12 and 14 East Street, Barrio el Calvario, Apopa.


Apopa Medical Unit, along with the construction of the new Regional Hospital of San Miguel, and other works more are part of the institutional effort to improve the care for beneficiaries.


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