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CCSS Opens Opportunity for Elders To Get Basic Computer Knowledge

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One option for the senior citizens will be open thanks to the Golden Citizen area of the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social. The opportunity to get involved and trained with basic computer abilities will be open to senior public starting on Monday 8th of February.


Mr. Francisco Brenes, manager of the basic computer courses for senior citizens area, explained that the initiative came with the purpose of promoting the envolving of the elderly to technology, and ensure that they can use the computer and the internet as a useful tool, since recently, a large number of older adults feel excluded from a society with high technological access, product of fear or prejudice that demonstrate the difficulty of these people to learn and use technological devices.


The official said that the courses are specially designed for adults over 65 who have no computer knowledge or, who have a basic knowledge and wish to expand by incorporating digital technologies. All courses are provided by modules and a methodology adapted for adult learning.


He explained that the courses have a length of 21 hours and will be held once a week, with a session of 3 hours per week for seven weeks in the computer lab area at the Headquarters of the CCSS.


Mr. Brenes stated that the range of courses are varied and the adult participants will have the opportunity to be trained on how to manage an email account, social networks, surf the internet, also trained on managing Office system Word, Excel and Power Point .


The quota remains open and each group accepts five adults over 65, who can choose to attend one day (Monday through Thursday) at two possible times from 9am to 12md, or 1pm to 4pm.


Brenes consider that all people have the ability and the right to be empowered on the use of technologies, for this purpose the Golden Citizen area will bring  this option aimed at the elderly population to take advantage of the many benefits provided by technological tools


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