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President of the IGSS presents work plan to develop the Social Security in Guatemala

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The lawyer Francisco Contreras Carlos Solorzano, president of the Board of the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS), presented his work plan implemented to positively develop social security in Guatemala. Optimization of resources will be one of the main actions that take place in the institution.


The President of the Social Security took up his post last Thursday, June 4 at a regular meeting of the Board of IGSS; who is appointed by the Executive Branch for a period of 6 years. The licensed Contreras, in a press conference, presented their immediate work guidelines, aimed at benefiting the working class of the country.


Among his priorities, he emphasized the optimization of resources, review of all processes, implementation of audits. Also improve the supply of medicines and supplies so that they arrive on time to hospitals.


The degree Contreras said that human development is essential to the institution through training processes and staff training, taking into account that affect the care for members and beneficiaries. He also emphasized that comprehensive reforms in order to expand the coverage of workers will take place.


"Comprehensive system of the institution for optimizing resources Guatemalans, so that it becomes a better service for its members is required," said the lawyer Carlos Contreras. He also assured that during his tenure the representatives of the different sectors to the Board will be a real expression of the people.


Attorney Luis Enrique Rodriguez Gonzalez took office as Deputy Chair of the Board of Directors for a period of 6 years representing the Executive Agency.

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